"All rise"

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All Rise.jpg

"All rise"

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Come on, get up Kuala Lumpur!

Sounds like the name of a cheesy morning show doesn't it? ;-)

I felt so lucky to get to shoot sunrise 50 stories high for a few mornings. I really love a good view! This particular morning I was focusing on shooting a panorama. I had all my gear set up, swinging left to right every few minutes or so to capture the whole event of sunrise. That was until the sun came up over the horizon and was visible right next to the petronas towers. I could see this photo in m head straight away when that happened and it changed the entire outcome of my morning for the better.

Turns out my panorama didn't work out too well for various reasons, and if I hadn't gone with my instinct and pulled out my other camera, I would have com away with nothing! And a big shoutout to the haze of KL, you really added some depth to my image with that strong light from behind :-D

Love KL? Put that love to good use and get this shot printed! Trust me.. you won't regret it!

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