Buying a print is about more than just acquiring an image, or snapshot. What you are really buying is a livingbreathing work of art. Something that you can admire daily, a moment in time that will stir emotion and create passion. A body of work that will bring you both peace when you seek calm, and energy when you need a lift.

A true investment.

That is why when you purchase a print from me, you know that every aspect of that particular image has my stamp of approval. From capture all the way through to comparing papers for each image, to assure it is printed on paper that best reflects the feel and dynamic of the photo. Not only that, but even all the printing itself is done by me, on a high quality inkjet printer specifically designed for this type of printing, using pigment based inks.

All papers used are made by Canson, a trusted name in the art industry, with over 500 years experience making paper. Once combined behind UV resistant glass, these papers have an archival rating of well over a 100 year print life.


All prints are personally checked by me..

All prints are personally checked by me..


All print orders are handled on an individual basis. Once your order is placed I will have a print done for you personally, to your requirements. To place your order please head over to my Print store, where you will be able to select the photograph you desire. Due to the high number of images I have in my catalogue, I can not list every single photo inside my store. So if you have seen an image of mine that is not listed, please get in touch with me to place a "special order".

Ply mounted prints

At this early stage of lovingly hand crafted mounting options, I offer prints mounted onto solid 18mm marine grade ply, finished with a beautiful silky smooth wax. 18mm thick ply offers high rigidity, reducing risk of warping in the timber so your print remains solid for a long period of time. Every board comes with a simple french cleat hanging system, just attach the wall piece and hang your print.. it's so easy!

You can find the ply mounting in the store options when choosing your print.

A2 print mounted on 18mm ply

A2 print mounted on 18mm ply

While I will always do my best to get all orders out and posted as quick as possible, please allow up to 10 days for your order to be shipped, this is more common when a mounting option has also been selected.

Free shipping within Australia is applicable to all orders.