3 Photos that will put Robe on your photography bucket list..

Recently Erin and I made our way down to Robe, South Australia. It's somewhere I have had on my mind photographically for a little while, but even without the photography, the whole town is a gorgeous, polite, and welcoming place that we will gladly be re-visiting many times over the coming years!

Here are 3 of my favorite images I took while there, that should convince you it's somewhere you need to put on your bucket list..

Robe Obelisk

1. Easily the most famous part of Robe, The Obelisk..

Robe Jetty

2. Not only is Robe Jetty very photographic for sunrise, it's also a great fishing spot!

The 'Bird Brush'

3. I only know of this place as the 'bird brush'.. I'm not entirely sure why but if anyone knows its correct name please leave a comment and let me know!


Robe is located along the southern ports highway, along the coast between Melbourne and Adelaide. If you are driving, it takes about 4 hours from Adelaide, and about 6 hours from Melbourne.