The Deepest Blues are Black || Nightcliff, Northern Territory

If you are someone that loves a good sunset, photographer or not, Darwin will deliver you the goods! And if you are a photographer, be sure to plan a trip to Nightcliff jetty! With countless compositional options, cliffs and rocky terrain surrounding, and a tide that can rise several meters in as many hours, it truly is a photographers playground.

But sunset isn't the only time where you can really make this place work. Take this image for example, it was an overcast day and I was itching to do some long exposure work, and I knew the conditions were perfect to bust out my LEE FILTERS big stopper. My final exposure ended up being a whopping 4 minutes! And I was so happy with the result! In actual fact this shot was so popular amongst my family that my mother, who lives in Darwin, now has this very photo hanging in her lounge room :-) It's those things that make me proud to be a photographer; seeing an image I have taken, hanging on a wall for everyone to see!

The jetty isn't only great from right underneath it though, you can take a light stroll east along the foreshore, walk down onto the rocks (if the tide permits) and look back at the jetty in silhouette against a cracking sunset. It's a great place to bring a chair, pack a drink (or beer like a real territorian!) and relax while the sun goes down over the harbour. My advice would be to head up the in the dry season (April-October) to avoid the chance of getting stuck indoors as it pours down outside!





Getting there:


Depending on where you are staying in Darwin, there are two very simple ways to get the the jetty. If you come in from the east, take a right on Rapid Creek Rd off Trower Rd, and if you are coming from the south or city end, take a left at the lights at the end of Bagot Rd, over the round-a-bout and follow it all the way to end and turn left. You can't miss it!

I leave you now with a couple of extra photos I have taken of the jetty in the last couple of years, I hope they can inspire you to get up there and get some great shots yourself.. You know you want to!