In Plain Sight || Port Willunga, South Australia

The beauty of watching a sunset come to an end is knowing that there will be another tomorrow night, much different to this. A new sunset, a new composition, a new location.

Many people think that if you spend all of your time observing beautiful scenes through a lens, that you are missing out on really being there, in the moment. I would respectfully disagree. I believe that I am getting the best of everything, not only getting to admire a stunning scene through the lens, but capture it simultaneously, and then share it with the world.

For months now I’ve been wanting to get to this location. Ive let various things get in my way; work, life, and just generally being lazy. When things finally fell into place and I managed to swindle a free night, I found myself perched on a beach alongside many other photographers, all keen to capture this well known tourist attraction.


The weather gods shined down upon me, the clouds were wispy, the light was golden. I questioned why I hadn’t done this sooner, and cursed the fact that I don’t live closer. So here I am, as I mentioned, among a group of other keen photographers, and yet somehow able to close everything out to be alone with the scene.

Something I have learned lately is that the more I let my expectations go, the more beautiful and naturally a composition comes together. The second I start to worry about perfection and doubt my skills, the more duality I experience, which in turn creates fear and stress. It might seem as though I'm getting off topic, however there is an important lesson to be learned here, and one that I am only just coming to grips with; the more you are at one with your scene, the easier it will become to form an incredible composition. A simple notion maybe, however one that takes a surprising amount of practice!

And so I leave you here with my final edit, of a night very well spent at the Port Willunga Jetty. I hope you get as much enjoyment looking at this image as I did capturing it