Planning the Unplannable || Twelve Apostles, Victoria

Some of the best photos are taken unplanned.

Take this picture for example, it was taken on sunrise at the 12 Apostles on the Great Ocean Road.
My partner and I had decided to take a short trip to Melbourne, not particularly for photos, but just for a short break. We did, however, make plans to camp near the 12 Apostles for a night before driving the rest of the way to Melbourne. Neither of us had seen the Apostles before and didn’t know what to expect in regards to how easy or difficult it would be to get a great photo.

When we made our way toward the viewing platform we were greeted by a huge mob of tourists, all keen to get the best viewing position. We managed to squeeze ourselves in to a corner with just enough space to set up the tripod and assess the scene. The fact that the Apostles are so well known as a tourist spot makes for a huge amount of constant foot traffic on the viewing platform, making it near impossible to get a long exposure shot with so much movement.

We went to bed that night happy with the images that were taken, and looking forward to getting up early and continuing our road trip to Mebourne. The next morning, we had awoken to a gorgeous sunrise, packed up the tent and ourselves into the car, and made our way out of the park.

I thought to myself ‘what if I just had ONE more look at the apostles’, the photographer in me needing to see the same scene, but instead lit with a sunrise. As you can see, my last minute, spur of the moment sunrise photo shoot had paid off, producing an image lit with beautiful light – every photographers dream.

So, as much as it is important to properly plan a photography trip, it is equally important to follow your curiosity and embark on spur of the moment trips or detours. It doesn’t have to be for a long time, even just two nights away can enable you to capture something truly magical.
Get out there, and start exploring today!